What does Audacity do with donations?

Why donate today?

Audacity’s micro-budget youth theatre model allows us to serve young people at half the cost of any other major youth theatre company in Silicon Valley.  There are also several important reasons to support Audacity:

The facts are:

The Audacity Performing Arts Project does what most others cannot or will not.

Because the company is Audacity and you love the idea of an audacious bunch of renegades out there making the world a much better place. And, you love that we’re doing what no one thought was possible.

Audacity’s Donor Heroes make these incredible programs come to life.  Your support today will help to assure that more children will have opportunities that currently do not exist.  Today, you will help create hope and unleash a better future for these very special young people.

“Audacity empowers young women to take charge, grow passion, gain real-life skills, and have an impact in every area of theater for themselves and others. If music and theatre have ever meant something to you, help these girls feel the same emotion."

Linda Berger - Audacity Donor and Educator

“Theater literally saved Halle from the horrors of adolescence. Louis does great things for kids through Audacity. He works with kids who don’t have otherwise have access to theater arts.” Julie Sousa - Audacity Donor

The Audacity Performing Arts Project, Inc, is a California Nonprofit Public Benefit Corporation organized under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.  Tax ID: 46-1444034