The Intersection of Art and Technology

Audacity is living at the intersection of art and technology. Within our musical theatre programs, we have always existed in this space. We have students running sound gear, light gear and working backstage for most of Audacity’s history. Living in Silicon Valley, it makes sense that Audacity offers Title 1 schools programs that exist at the intersection of art and technology with programs that cover Claymation Animation, 2D Animation, Podcasting, Documentary Filmmaking, and Hip Hop Music Production!

After School and Summer Programs

Audacity’s after school and summer arts programs and theater productions are designed to create powerful engaging experiences for our student artists. Our after school and summer programming extends the educational experience in a setting where young people not only stretch their artistic muscles but are also physically involved in art experiences that inspire self-investment

Be sure to check out our programs in Hollister, Ca as well!

School Day Programs

Audacity’s school day program emphasizes working with classroom teachers to create dynamic, high-caliber programming designs to inspire students to engage more deeply in their own education and personal empowerment.

Audacity works with schools and districts to customize programs to meet the needs of the students we collectively serve.


In the fall of 2022 Audacity started to launch a new portfolio of workshop programs designed to explore courageous/empowered storytelling at the intersection of art and technology.