2024 Students and Teachers Survey Insights: Franklin McKinley School District 


78% of all teachers across the district reported ”Significant to Exceptional Impact from our program."

"Students liked the instruments. They were really into the Haiku poems, which aligned with writing and knowledge syllables." - [Santee Music, 3rd Grade]

"My newcomer students felt safe to read in their home language." - [Santee, Theatre, 6th Grade]

Impact Level on Students by Audacity: Teacher Reports from each school

"One of the activities had students create one art piece by adding their coloring on the paper. I noticed students worked well together and complimented each other's work." - [Kennedy Painting, 5+6th Grade]


74.8% of all students across the district reported that they enjoyed their Audacity class.

"The relationships that were formed by positive interactions, setting boundaries, and talking with the students were meaningful. Many of the students were excited to talk about music and make personal connections." - [McKinley Beginner Music, 5th Grade]