Experience. Passion. Creativity.

Rosalinda Sanchez

Executive Director

Rosalinda Sanchez was born and grew up in Downtown San Jose and has deep ties to both the downtown and East Side communities of San Jose, California. Rosalinda holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Management from Baker University, Kansas.

As an artist, she has practiced both vocals and visual arts professionally. Rosalinda comes to Audacity from the School of Art and Culture at the Mexican Heritage Plaza (San Jose) where she developed and directed their educational programs in multi-disciplinary art forms. She was a key representative of the School and closely worked with their partners who provided early education, food justice, social justice, and community (family) engagement programs. Rosalinda also has a strong background in entrepreneurship, for and non-profit finance, business administration, and management (both work experience and education).

Email: Rosalinda@audacityperformingarts.org

Louis Stone-Collonge

Founder and Development Director

In sixth grade, Louis begins working with his father building sets at local theater companies, Montalvo Players and Theater West. After dropping out of high school in 1985, he returned to college in 1987 and continued working in theater at San Jose City College. He earned his B.A. in Religious Studies from San Jose State University.  Louis also studied Media & Cultural Studies at CSU, Sacramento, and Middlesex University, London, United Kingdom.  After a long break from theatre, he returned to youth theater in 2006 serving as Technical Director at Saint Andrew’s Episcopal Church in Saratoga for seven years. Louis founded The Audacity Performing Arts Project, Inc. in 2012. Louis served as Technical Director for Performing Arts at Notre Dame High School (San Jose) between 2012 and 2018 where he grew the school’s technical theatre program from 20 +/- girls working in the program to over 100. He has also worked with Silicon Valley Shakespeare serving as Technical Director and Build Intern Mentor for their 2012-2019 seasons. Today Louis works exclusively for Audacity working to secure the long-term future of this power amazing project.

Email: louis@audacityperformingarts.org

Paul Contreras

Arts Education Program Manager

Paul Contreras was born in San Jose and lived the majority of his life on the East side. His mother always signed him up to art programs growing up and because of programs like those he grew a passion for creativity and the arts. Programs like the School of Arts and Culture at the Mexican Heritage Plaza began his journey into leading the arts programs.

After the pandemic, Paul Joined Audacity in 2021 and grew in the ranks as an assistant, to a Teaching Artist, to now the Program Manager. Through Audacity, Paul now manages and cultivates the same programs he enjoyed for the new youth. The students he sees every day inspire him to continue the essential work Audacity provides.

Brianna Torres

Executive Assistant 

Brianna Torres graduated with a bachelor's degree in theatre arts from San Francisco State University. As a child, she found an escape from reality when watching tv shows and films. Here she developed an interest to be that person on the big screen who can evoke emotions for her audience. Brianna took part in her first play in high school, and decided that this was something she wanted to do for the rest of her life. She began taking her first acting class in college and developed a passion for acting. Brianna had a tough childhood growing up in the foster care system, which led her to becoming a shy and timid person. Through acting, Brianna was able to overcome her shyness and express her emotions. She still continues to pursue her passion for acting in film and television shows by moving to Los Angeles. As an actor, Brianna hopes to become a voice for the Latino community and for the children who suffered in the foster care system. She aspires to be not only an actress , but also aims to be someone others can look up to.