"During the summer of 2021, I was thrilled to have the opportunity to work with Audacity Arts as part of the Dahl Summer Enrichment Camp that was offered to over 100 students in the Franklin McKinley School District (FMSD).

The Audacity Arts team was organized and worked well with us to schedule classes for our student cohorts while maintaining the safety of all students and staff in mind. Through the Audacity Arts program, our students got to spend their summer afternoons participating in many creative endeavors that they otherwise might not have had exposure to.

Among the courses that students participated in were podcasting, various forms of dance, art, and theater. Students enjoyed the classes each afternoon. The Audacity Arts staff were great at getting students to tap into their creativity while also incorporating physical activity into their lessons. I would highly recommend this program to anyone who is interested in bringing the arts into their school community."

Michelle Quilantang

Principal, Captain Jason M. Dahl Elementary

"Audacity has brought to our students a new and effective way of learning. It has opened doors and windows to the literary world that would have been closed using other media. I have witnessed and experienced our students gaining a stronger sense of self and agency not only during their performances, but as they communicate with us as school and district staff, other adults in the community, and other students. Their newly gained confidence communicating has been an added bonus, and it is certainly integrated throughout other areas of the curriculum."

Dr. Hilaria Bauer - Superintendent, Alum Rock Union Elementary School District

"AACI’s Youth in Technology Incubator program is excited for the opportunity to collaborate with Audacity to bring more arts programming to Santa Clara County youth. We recently worked with Audacity to host a free, 3-week summer camp program located at the City of Sunnyvale’s facility, Columbia Neighborhood Center. Youth enjoyed participating in the hip hop songwriting, podcasting, and filmmaking camps! Audacity will be facilitating more programming in schools and neighborhood centers throughout the course of the 2021-2022 school year. We can’t wait to see how these programs will engage and impact our youth."

Paulina Vo-Griffin - Youth Program Manager, AACI

"Audacity has helped me overcome fears and has given me a chance to strengthen my acting hopes. I also appreciate how it allows me to feel things in my heart, to move an audience, make a change and connect to people. Audacity has allowed me to gain important life skills as I learned the importance of constructive criticism. It has allowed me to work with a variety of different students and has taught me the value of patience. Theater can be a source of solitude and a place to immerse yourself in a creative environment. Often, especially teens our age can find it difficult to express their emotions. Theater provides a great outlet for teens to express themselves. It also teaches students how to navigate through certain obstacles, which can later help."

Cuauhtemoc - 8th Grade, Joseph George Middle School, Alum Rock Union Elementary School District

"I am so thankful Cureton Elementary selected Audacity’s program for the students. Audacity provides the children with a positive alternative outlet after school and promotes creativity. I was surprised the first time I watched an Audacity production. I knew I would love seeing my kids perform, but I expected to see a typical elementary school play; Audacity’s productions are quite the opposite. The staff is professional, the sets are beautiful, and the music and choreography bring it all together creating an exciting experience. With each play, the kids aspire to be better than the last. Family turnout continues to rise – to the point extra shows have been added to accommodate the number of ticket requests. Watching my daughters and their friends take part in such an amazing production is something that I’ll remember forever."

Jennifer and Tommy West - Parents, Alum Rock Union Elementary School District

"I have been working with The Audacity Performing Arts Project for a year and a half now and I have seen first hand how much of an impact it has on these children. They gain so much confidence in themselves and support each other. It is such an amazing thing to witness them grow."

Ellen Duncan - High School Intern, The Audacity Performing Arts Project, Inc.

"Many of the kids that Audacity works with have grown up in environments where tragedy is commonly experienced, but theater allows these children to be transported from their frightening realities and become whoever they want to be, even if it is for just a couple of hours."

Jasmine Canjura - High School Intern, The Audacity Performing Arts Project, Inc.

"Audacity advocates for theatre arts like no other and inspires everyone it reaches, including me…The experience opened my eyes to the importance of arts-based education and the impact that the arts can have on the lives of kids, no matter what form they present themselves in."

Kiera Robinson - High School Intern, The Audacity Performing Arts Project, Inc.

"Working with The Audacity has been a terrific experience for our students. Students eagerly awaited their after school experience preparing for the Lion King Jr. What made this undertaking so powerful was watching students from varied backgrounds and experiences unite under one common goal: the execution of a middle school play. Our parental community was quite impressed with the achievement of our students. After the performance, our students could not wait for an additional opportunity to work with The Audacity staff. The Audacity staff really understands the unique age ranges of the students that they support, and they motivate students to achieve their best by explaining to them the challenges that they have endured as actors and technical advisers. If you are looking to build or support your drama program, contact Louis. Be confident that he and his staff will meet your school or organization’s needs."

Damon James - Principal of Thomas Russell Middle School, Milpitas Unified School District

"Seeing this (Fall 2013) play live was the icing on the cake for what was an amazing project from the very start. My students blossomed into who they desire to be throughout the entire process. Creative, and vibrant performers who stood tall and together until the very end. Since the Shakespeare News Network’s live show happened, students and parents have asked me about when the next auditions will happen, daily."

Tony Frascone - Principal at Sinnott Elementary, Milpitas Unified School District

"The Audacity is an amazing program because it requires very little effort on my end as a principal. The directors are here each day and on time. Negative student behavior is minimal due to their high engagement with the program. I never have to stress; I know that when the days of the performance arrive, everything is ready to go including props, stage backdrops, lighting, sound, etc.

Our students love Audacity and they look forward to performing every year. When the productions are over for the season, students are constantly asking when the start of the next production will be. Students still sing their songs during recess time once the productions are over. I can’t imagine what they would feel if we no longer had the Audacity at our school.

During our first production with The Audacity, not many parents knew what the program would entail. After our first performance, parents were so excited. For our second show, parents invited all of their friends and family. We had so many attendees, we had to do two-night performances to accommodate all of the attendees. Parents are also extremely enthusiastic about their children participating in musical productions. Our parents now come to volunteer and help us fundraise to keep the program at our school. Parents who don’t have children participating in the production are excited to bring their children to our shows for family date nights."

Le Tran - Principal of Horace Cureton Elementary School, Alum Rock Union Elementary School District

"I love that every Audacity director and staff member are caring and friendly and make everything fun. Participating in the plays helped me realize how much I love performing and that I had a natural talent. I am happy and thankful that Audacity came to my school."

Samarah - 5th Grade, Alum Rock Union Elementary School District

"The Audacity Performing Arts Project is the most phenomenal program I have every seen and is definitely one of our highlights this year! I was amazed by the students’ performance and how stars we didn’t even know we had shined so brightly that night. What you do for our schools, our students, and families is fantastic and the program exceeded my expectations. Students and staff are still raving about the beautiful Lion King performance from two months ago. Thank you for your commitment and dedication to serving all students. I would like to personally thank Louis and his team for making all of this possible. This experience has opened new doors for our students and will certainly leave an everlasting impression."

Raquel Katz - Principal, Ryan STEAM Academy, Alum Rock Union Elementary School District

"I appreciate the directors and helpers because they take the time out of their day to teach and talk to us about the plays or help us with problems someone in the cast is facing. Audacity helped me as a person by giving me some confidence in myself. Before I knew about this amazing company, I was quiet and shy about talking or expressing myself. Now that I’ve spent time with all of these amazing people, I’m confident and not as shy as before.

Audacity should be in middle schools because it helps you build your self esteem. It gives confidence. It helps middle schoolers with certain aspects of their personality. It helps them express it. It also helps you make friends!"

Miranda - 8th Grade, Joseph George Middle School, Alum Rock Union Elementary School District

"The audacity and arts program has been a huge addition to our after-school program at Lowell Elementary. It has been an amazing experience to see many of our elementary students thrive and own their parts in the shows they have participated in. Not only have our students been excited, but the amount of support and excitement from our parents has been breathtaking. Louis, Chiarra, and their staff are so patient and encouraging with our students that they are already asking about what play is next! Words cannot express how grateful we are to have been given the opportunity to work with Audacity.

I would like to personally thank Louis and his team for making all of this possible. This experience has opened new doors for our students and will certainly leave an everlasting impression."

Ashlee Garrett - Site Supervisor of THINK Together, Lowell Elementary, SJUSD

"Opportunities like this allow teaching to the whole child. It builds leadership, collaboration and critical thinking skills. Skills learned in the arts transfer over to other classes as well. Furthermore, it provides equity as students from the communities that my school serves often have limited or no exposure to theater."

Alejandro Herrera - Educator, Joseph George Middle School, Alum Rock Union Elementary School District

"Working with Audacity was a great experience Audacity inspires creativity and passion in everyone, but especially in kids. The Jungle Book Musical that was recently put on was absolutely amazing, and a blast to help with. 10/10 … would go again!"

Mackenzie Knox - Notre Dame High School, San Jose Class of 2016, Audacity Production Intern

"I think, growing up in a musical theatre based family has definitely helped me find my passion. I don’t know where I would be without theatre. I consider the stage as my home. Theatre has helped me become the person I am today, and unlike most teenage girls I know, I can gladly say I am happy with myself."

Bethany Springs - Student, Wilcox High School

"A stellar addition to our program at Notre Dame, Louis encourages students to find their creative best. Our students are taking risks and learning from their occasional mistakes in order to achieve something more than they thought they could. He’s helping me do the best of what theater education should do. Through Audacity, that influence will only grow — and that’s a good thing."

Derek McCaw - Director of Visual and Performing Arts (2004-2014), Notre Dame High School, San Jose