Audacity Brand v2.0

When considering a brand mark (like when considering a forward-thinking strategy or a long-term vision) needs to reflect, not where the company is today, but where it intends to be at some point in the future.

The Audacity brand has never been about today. The Audacity brand has always been about tomorrow.

At the outset, this new brand mark is designed to reflect the Audacity of 2025. It is designed to reflect a minimalist approach to a monumental task as we seek to revolutionize an approach to arts education as something that is foundational to all learning.

v2.0 is made up of four major elements that tell the story of Audacity’s work.

Horizontal Audacity

Emphasis on Audacity. The bold brash attitude to do what few others are working to accomplish. The bold and brash.

Here we are also branding the name correctly; the company is Audacity.

Vertical Lettering

With a nod to the punk aesthetic, the vertical lettering takes on the image of city buildings rising up from the downtown area.

The vertical letter also creates a representation of our young students standing up. Our young students stand up for themselves in our programs. They are different shapes and sizes and they stand up; they Rise up into their highest selves.

“Come on, let’s go, Rise up!”

(My Shot, Hamilton)

The Bar

The black bar adds emphasis to C-I-T-Y. Audacity connects to the cosmopolitan energy of a city environment (even in a suburban setting).

The black bar also creates the impression of our young actors standing on their stage. This stage can also serve as a foundation upon which they can build their inspiration.

The construction of the images creates the feeling of a level with Audacity being held in balance by the impact of the artists standing/rising up.

Tabula Rasa

The empty space above “Audacity” and to the left of the vertical text is the fourth and critical piece. It is the space in which Audacity operates. This space is the blank slate; the clean stage waiting for an act of creation. Waiting for inspiration.

When young persons stand up for themselves, their life is a tabula rasa. They are their own canvas upon which they make manifest the story of their lives. It is their act of inspired creation that carries them into their future.

The white space is where they learn to fish.


Regardless of whether or not anyone looks at the brand mark and sees all of the above, the key is that it was created with intent. There is a story behind the brand and it has a deeper meaning than a simple image on the top of a letterhead.