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Literacy, Art and Technology

Literacy, Art and Technology is a exclusive Audacity program that uses reading, art and podcasting to inspire deep self-motivated engagement in learning and reading.  

This hugely successful program creates a safe learning experience for students to collaboratively share insights from reading, art and podcasting.

Learn more about this very special program and how you can bring it to your school today.  

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Success bY DESIGN

2022 Mariachi En Mi Barrio

The programs that Audacity deploys are successful not because of some fluke or luck.  Our programs are successful because they are designed to reach our students where they live and align with their lived experiences.

Audacity's hybrid mariachi ensemble/documentary filmmaking program. Our youth ensemble that experimented with the mariachi genre of music whilst filming the entire immersive learning experience in a full-feature documentary. Click here to learn more.

The Audacity Performing Arts Project success is not the result of a single individual or single group.  The success of the project is a result of many people in community sharing their passion for art, social justice and creating Dream Equity for all of our young people.  

From our staff, to our team of teaching artists, our school district and community partners, our grant funders AND our beloved donors.  You can be part of our amazing community today.

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