Dance Programs

Movement and music are important for young people.  When the Our dance programs include:

We teach modern dance, hip hop, salsa and other forms that get young people moving and excited.  Our folklorico program is very special as it is directly relevant the cultural lives of many of our students. At our Hollister location we are offering a Hip Hop/Ballet Hybrid that brings together classical and modern dance forms in a way that builds a historically broad and rich experience. 

Music Programs

Audacity music programs include a variety of styles and opportunities.  We offer guitar and ukulele classes.  Guitar is a ubiquitous instrument that young people are excited to learn and ukulele is extraordinary accessible instrument with a very low barrier to entry.

At our Hollister location we also offer piano and voice lessons for those seeking a more specific musical training.  Here we also offer lessons in percussion and drumming.  This class merges musical training with a physicality offers a broadly creative experience.

Filmmaking Programs

Young people often feel disempowered by the world around them.  Our classes and workshops focused on filmmaking encourages young people to develop and express their own stories. Students learn basic filmmaking skills that serve as a creative vector for self empowerment. Audacity is focused here on teaching young people to create their own stories using technology rather than simply consuming Tik Tok and Instagram reels.

Though documentary filmmaking, claymation animation and stopmotion animation using found objects, our students learn technical skills, collaboration and leadership as part of a creative experience. Audacity also offers beginning animations workshops that begin with flip books and expand on animation techniques. 

Podcasting Programs

Similarly to filmmaking, podcasting is a multi faceted vector for engagement.  As a verbal storytelling medium, podcasting teaches important critical thinking and verbal skills while empowering young people to develop and take ownership of their life story in a way that promotes self investment and self empowerment.  

Again, podcasting uses technology and creativity to empower students to become creators of their media rather than living as static consumers. 

Also see Literacy, Art and Technology.

Visual Arts

Audacity teaching a variety to culturally relevant visual art forms, from hip hop style lettering and images to culturally specific projects connected with Dia De Los Muertos.  Students use a variety of media from paint, pencils and clay to create projects that are both creative and personally relevant to their lived experience as well as their communities. 

Language Arts

Audacity's hugely successful program, Literacy, Art and Technology, uses communal reading, visual arts, collaborative discussions  and podcasting to develops highly engaging programs that inspire young people to engage with reading. Click here to learn more.

Theatre Arts

Audacity brings full musical theatre production to the schools where the students are located (for both parental convenience and so we have the greatest opportunity for the school community to participate).

These are 10 to 12-week after-school productions that begin with formal auditions and end with full production performances. We work with students grades K-8. Productions include professional sound and stage lighting, as well as sets and costumes.

As Audacity’s work exists at the intersection of art and technology, opportunities are also created for students to learn and run various technical aspects of the production as well (set crew, sound, lights, etc.).