The Audacity Performing Arts Project donors have been providing outstanding theatrical learning experiences for young people in Silicon Valley for the past 5 years.

It is our honor to invite you to become one of Audacity’s trusted Donor Heroes and become a partner in making the magic of The Audacity Performing Arts Project happen.

Please note that there are a number of special promotional opportunities associated with each level of sponsorship. These are offered as a gesture of our gratitude. The gestures are also important for our ability to demonstrate the strength of Audacity’s growing community of Donor Heroes and the important programs they provide for our amazing young people.

Executive Producer Donor Level

$10,000 (three available per season)

At this level your investment will provide funding for an entire year of performing arts programming for a fully subsidized school; your investment provides for two complete musical productions for a school community that cannot afford to provide them. Without Executive Producers, these children would not have the opportunities they enjoy today.

At the Executive Producer level, you will have the opportunity to arrange site visits to see the Audacity team in action. These visits won’t be to simply watch our young actors on stage; you will have the opportunity to arrive before our show and take part in all the pre-show preparations so as to enjoy a personal experience of the impact of your investment.

As a thank you and to help promote all Audacity Donor Heros, you will be called out in our show programs as “produced by” as well as mentioned on the Audacity website and signage. In addition, Executive Producer Donor Level partners will also be included in our Red Carpet Mania program (see below). If preferred, anonymity will be respected.

Director’s Chair Donor Level


At this level, your gift will fund one entire year of programming at a school where only a portion of the production expenses is met by the school community. In a world of severely limited enrichment funding, these investments are critical in bridging the gap between what is available within school budgets and what the performing arts programs bring to these schools.

As a thank you and to help promote all the Audacity Donor Heros, you will be acknowledged in a ¼ page ad in 8 programs and called out by name under sponsors in all 17 programs during our 2018/2019 season. Your name and/or logo will be featured on our thank you banner that will appear at all shows this season. If preferred, anonymity will be respected.

Red Carpet Mania

Call for pricing (three available per season)

This year we are deploying “step and repeat” banners at all of our productions and events. These are designed to add a festive experience and to allow families and their young actors to capture their special photos on our “red carpet” positioned in front of our special banners.

Step and Repeat packages are available for Milpitas/SJ Unified, Alum Rock/Franklin McKinley and the Russell Middle Winter Talent shows.

Production Designer Donor Level

$1,000 ( 16 available per season)

The Production Designer Donors are critical to Audacity productions. Our Designer heroes are those amazing folks who contribute to costuming, they provide new wireless microphones that insure all the young actors are heard, and they provide for all batteries used by our wireless microphones (for 2018/2019 it is estimated that our donors will be providing 2500 AA batteries), they provide all our props, they provide the paint and lumber for sets and everything else these shows require to be amazing for the young actors on the stage.

Special mention on the Audacity website and in all the programs.

Techie Donor Level


At this level our Techie Donors Heros fund our Technical Director for one show. The Technical Director is huge for our young students as she allows for the continued deployment of professional lighting and sound, but also allows the students to learn from a highly trained professional beginning at a very early age.

Special mention on the Audacity website.